Electrical Learning Center

Electrical engineering subjects are made easier with real time industrial training

The Electrical learning Center aims to minimize the existing gap which prevails between the academic syllabus and real time industrial oriented applications.To achieve this an Electrical foundation Course is offered in Power Transform for Electrical Engineering students .(BE EEE, EC & E&I)

The Electrical learning center provides a comfortable learning enviroment for the engineering students which deals with the regular academic subjects with an industrial approach & helps them to understand the practical concepts & working of various electrical circuits with real time training.

Subjects covered in Electrical Learning Center Program

  • Basic Electrical Engineering Concepts
  • Electrical Machines – I
  • Electrical Machines – 2
  • Power Plant Engineering
  • High Voltage Engineering
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Protection & Switchgear
  • Special Electrical Machines

Special Features

  • Syllabus based Coaching
  • Real time Electrical Practical classes
  • Real time Case Studies
  • Career guidance & motivation Programs
  • Convenient Timings
  • Moderate fees
  • Individual Attention
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