Sasikanth Power Projects Ltd

The training program gave me a complete confidence for me to pursue my career in Electrical field.


Dinesh.M Kingston College of Engineering

Training program improvised my technical knowledge and now I am confidant to start my career in Electrical field


BalaChandran.L Hindustan College of Engineering- Coimbatore

Training in Power Transform provided me with the complete exposure to take my career forward

Ken Philiphose

Ken Philiphose Hindustan College of Engineering- Coimbatore

Interaction with the trainer was the best part of the training program.All the technical skills & practical knowledge required for a fresher to start his career is available in this training program


RajaPrabhu.R MAM College of Engineering

Motor control circuit designing, wiring & testing were the best part of the training program


Shakeel.S Cape University of Technology

The training programs will be very useful for students & job seekers to increase their practical knowledge.

Deepak Saravanan.V.C

Deepak Saravanan.V.C Bharath University

All the technical calculations,Practical classes were so useful in learning & developing industrial oriented skills which are demanded by industries now days.


Dinesh.S Paavai Engineering College

The training program was good. The overall classes was so informative and developing technical knowledge was much easier.


Vinoth.M.A Nehru Institute of Engineering & Technology

Motor Starter classes were the best part of the training. Understanding of Star-Delta starter was made easier by practical methods.

Mohan Kumar.V

Mohan Kumar.V Kavery College of Engineering

Apart from the technical training , the add on services like Resume preparation, Mock Interview & Technical Interview preparations were also the best part of the training.

Our Vision

To become one of Chennai's largest Fresher's, Technical Manpower Trainer For Employment and become an Engineering Consultant in the Electrical Field.

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